Elevate mobile comfort: Carpet Binders

Are you fond of your caravan or mobile home, but looking to add a touch more comfort and warmth, especially during chilly nights and early mornings?

In the world of motorhomes and caravans, one company is a go-to for customisation, Carpetbinders. With a century of carpet and edging experience, they transform your rolling haven into a snug retreat.
“We can’t recommend the team at Carpet Binders Christchurch enough. They are fast, and efficient, and the work is done to a high standard. Very pleased with the carpets for our caravan,” say satisfied customers.

Precision-perfected Carpetbinders specialises in edging motorhomes and caravans, understanding the intricate lines and corners. With 120 years of combined knowledge, they treat every contour with care.
Wraparound luxury Carpetbinders offers a wraparound service for loose-lay fitted and edge mats. Their recipe includes high-quality carpets, personalised templates, and narrow tape binding.

Clockwork craftsmanship
In just 48 hours, Carpetbinders sources, templates, and edges your carpets. Around 90 minutes are spent on the template, and the rest of the ‘window’ is all yours.

Large carpet rug specialists Choose from woollen overlocking, narrow tape binding, slimline 7.5, or designer 12.5 wide tape edging. Handling large carpets, they craft rugs up to 4m x 8m.

Family legacy
As a family-owned business, the Carpetbinders team are passionate about their work. Operating out of a professional workroom that is purpose-designed solely for carpet edging, Carpetbinders are proud to offer its expertise and friendly service to all of its customers.

Handy pick-up
There is a secure dry shed for customers who can’t come during trading hours
and plenty of free parking right at the door. Customers are notified with a simple text or call to let them know when their job is ready.

Prepare for the travelling season with Carpetbinders. Let them transform your motorhome or caravan into a cosy home away from home.

Visit Carpetbinders at Unit 14,
37 Washbourne Rd, Sockburn, Christchurch.

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