Editor’s Perspective: 01 August 2019

“Always remember that life is precious, you are precious and treat yourself accordingly.” – Dr Libby Weaver



We live in a world of self-help books, of Google diagnoses and of armchair psychology. We’re constantly trying to be the best versions of ourselves and the highest bar often isn’t the expectations others set for us; it’s the expectations we set for ourselves.

As a goal-focused A-type personality, I love aiming high and the constant quest for advancement. But where does that leave what we already have in our lives?

When speak to those who are dying about what they’re going to miss the most in the world, it’s never the pressure, the deadlines or even the success that comes from meeting all of the above.

Instead it’s the simple things they say they will miss the most; the feeling you get when your significant other tells you they love you; the feeling of your child’s arms wrapped tightly around your neck; your dog’s excitement when you walk in the door at the end of the day.

So if that’s what we’re going to miss, why not fill our lives with more of that? Don’t forget that happiness is a choice. It’s time to stop striving for ‘your best life’ and start striving for a good life.

If you’re still in doubt, head along to see Dr Libby Weaver later this month, she’s likely to tell you, “You are enough, you have always been enough and you always will be enough”.



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