Eating Beautiful

Eating Beautiful

We’ve long treated our skin and hair externally, as we seek to become younger, more beautiful versions of ourselves.


Eating Beautiful


But there’s an increasing movement towards the recognition of the intricate connection between what we eat and our external appearance.  Rather than all the lotions and potions at our disposal, consuming the most nutritionally amped-up superfoods might actually be the key to looking your best.

So what do we need to grab at the supermarket on the way home to get the glow of goodness? We’ve picked out some of our faves.


Awesome Avos

Avocados are loaded with antioxidants that help protect the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays and essential fatty acids which help lock in your skin’s natural moisture.


Culinary cure-all

Kale is jam-packed with a host of vitamins, including Vitamin A, which is vital for a dazzling white smile, while its omega 3 fatty acids reduce inflammation


Seedy disposition

Packed with B vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and fatty oils, pumpkin seeds are your ticket to clear and glowing skin.



Macadamia magic

The macadamia nut’s overall combination of fatty acids and zinc makes it a wonderful skin beautifier.




Loaded with Vitamin C, berries are a beauty powerhouse, with Vitamin C linked to less wrinkles.



A sweet option

Sweet potatoes are bursting with beta-carotene, which improves the integrity of your hair and nails.



Ode to Oysters

Oysters contain zinc, which boosts collagen production, speeds up the healing process and helps improve acne by regulating oil production.



Repair oil

With the ability to repair the skin, coconut oil is a great addition to smoothies, in cooking and on the skin.


Turmeric treats

Turmeric is well known for its ability to purify blood which is essential for clear skin.



Clever Cacao

Dark 70 percent Cacao Chocolate has flavonoids which improve the texture and hydration of the skin, while battling damaging UV rays.



Coffee craving

Caffeine addicts rejoice because coffee is absolutely loaded with antioxidants essential for healthy skin.



Almond action

Almonds contain a large amount of catalase – an enzyme that impedes the graying process by limiting the build-up of hydrogen peroxide in your hair follicles.’



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