Easy living: Durasteel

Are you looking for a new home, a bach, a self-contained granny flat? Do you like what you see here?

If the answer is yes to any of these, then check out the options at Christchurch-based Durasteel Structures.
Some of the options feature on this page, although the company also builds custom homes (and sheds). What sets it apart from others is the technology and materials used, and the quickness of the builds. At the heart of the build process is strong yet lightweight steel, used for the floor subframe, and each home’s portal frame and panels. The result is a lightweight yet extremely strong home with all-round  durability, that exceeds council requirements, and is easily relocated. The nature of the materials used also means a fast six to eight weeks build time. Durasteel director Brent Collins says the company has extensive experience, providing more than 700 buildings, including new homes, to customers in Canterbury.

“They are panel homes with superior thermal properties, homes that flex during seismic activity, and have larger than normal, floor to ceiling windows, allowing for good natural light throughout.
“We use local sourced materials, where practicable, and almost all products used within our structures are backed by large local manufactures, who stand behind their product, in case of any unforeseen warranty issues” he adds.

Options include:
• 1 or 2 bedroom pods from 23 square metres
• 1 or 2 bedroom homes from 90 square metres
• 3 or 4 bedroom homes from 151 square metres.

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