Destination Christmas Day

On the jolliest day of the year, the most important thing is who you spend it with.

Why not opt for a change in scenery where the conformities of four walls don’t exist, and head to a local beach. With the family all in one place, there’s plenty of fun to be had, loads of space, and a Christchurch summer means there’s a variety of locations on offer.

Following the morning’s gift-giving festivities, fill a hamper with French Champagne, Kaikōura crayfish, and chocolate strawberries (or chocolate fish) for dessert and take the family to a favourite beach or park.

Trade eggnog for Pina Coladas, and traditional games for volleyball. Don’t forget your deckchairs, Christmas crackers, sunscreen, and maybe even a good book (or the latest issue of Metropol), and spend the day relaxing.

It’s the same recipe as normal, but with more sun comes more fun. Eat, drink and be merry into the warm evening, the sound of satisfied laughter and crashing waves filling the air. Task the children with crafting a driftwood Christmas tree and draping it with Christmas lights; a lovely end to a relaxing family Christmas.
While it’s reasonable to expect a sunny day, we recommend keeping your options open to the possibility of rain or a drop in temperature. If that happens, how about a “white Christmas”. Sip on Belgian hot chocolate, bake and decorate cookies, and snuggle up and reminisce with a Christmas movie, or 10. There are hundreds out there, although some are more memorable than others; an ideal cold Christmas pick-me-up.

Metropol’s movie marathon picks

• Love Actually
• Home Alone
• It’s a Wonderful Life
• The Santa Clause
• A Christmas Story
• Elf
• The Polar Express
• How The Grinch Stole Christmas
• Scrooged
• The Holiday

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