Down in the detail: Detail King

Detail King are automotive detailing royalty, especially when it comes to Paint Protection Film (PPF). PPF is applied to the areas of your car most likely to be affected by stone chips, marks, UV light, and other road grime. Applying PPF also gives your pride and joy the greatest shine possible.

Detail King have collaborated with leading professional automotive detailing PPF producers, Ceramic Pro, since inception back in 2016, and the results speak for themselves.

With various PPF packages available, whether it’s your daily driven Mazda, or your limited-edition McLaren, the bonnet, front bumper, headlights, door inserts and edger’s, wing mirrors and even the petrol cap will be protected thanks to the handiwork of Detail King’s select team of detailers, and the products.

Another protection option is ceramic coating by Ceramic Pro, which also comes with a 10-year warranty and Detail King guarantee, once your car has left their care, it will shine better than new.

Detail King have also partnered with detailing consumer product supplier Chemical Guys allowing you to purchase a range of products so you can perform your own touch ups before its time for your next big detail.

To find out more about PPF and why Detail King are automotive detailing royalty, visit the Detail King website.


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