Do your research: Simon Herbert

Five months into his career as a licensed sales consultant with Harcourts Grenadier Avonhead, Simon Herbert is putting the service skills he learnt in the airline industry to good use helping others to buy and sell their properties.

After 17 years in the aviation industry with Air New Zealand and Virgin Airlines, domestically and internationally, Simon finds his customer service skills are second-to-none. This proves invaluable when relating to all walks of life, all ages and stages; to all the people who make up his clientele.

For the former farm boy from the Waipara, the coronavirus pandemic proved the end of an era. He’d already decided on a change of direction when the pandemic intervened. “I was on holiday in Germany when an email came saying that all international flights were grounded!”

Landing back in Christchurch, and seeing what was happening with the country’s property market, encouraged him to apply his aviation industry expertise to the real estate sector. “It’s a challenging role, particularly as it is a busy time for the market, yet it’s a career I am really enjoying,” he says. “My focus is on providing honest and transparent communication, combined with professional exemplary service.”

Simon Herbert


Here are some of Simon’s tips from working in the real estate industry:

Career advice

“Think about what skills you already have from past and current careers and see how they may fit into selling houses or fit in with buyers. Consider what attributes you will bring to the industry, and find out how to apply them to create your own style. Remember that everyone has different expectations, you need to be able to adapt without losing focus or clarity.”

Selling property

“When an opportunity presents itself, take it; you don’t know when, or if, it will present again. Currently the market is on a high with lots of buyer demand and a shortage of listings, which means owners will be looking to settle for premium prices. When the market levels out, the high prices will drop.”

Buying property

“If looking to buy, do your research! Be prepared because the market is insanely competitive. Talk to your banker, your lawyer and to real estate agents. See what other properties in the area have sold for. If you go to a property and like it, you need to get started straight away, and keep your expectations realistic rather than aspirational.”

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