Delivering the vision: Clive Barrington Construction

Heath Walters of Clive Barrington Construction adds his insight as to the building of Rai House.


He says the site was a challenge, being adjacent to the Avon River. His team was involved in laying the technical foundation system, designed to allow for the site being prone to occasional flooding.

“The internal staircase, constructed of steel with oak treads, coupled with the balustrade of vertical steel fins at random lengths, was a heavy structure to get in, and oak is a premium product to work with.

“Positioning this in the entranceway made it a critical part of the internal finish; it’s something we’re really proud of.”

He says his team understands each build intimately and works closely with owners, consultants and sub-contractors to ensure what’s delivered on-site matches the designers’ vision and clients’ expectations.

“We appreciate that ‘the extra one per cent’ is what sets us apart from our competition, so we will go out of our way to ensure this is delivered time after time.”

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