43 Degrees Café

Delightfully Delicious to your door: 43 Degrees Café

There’s nothing like a company merger to revitalise businesses – to meld the strengths of each company and from that, build something big, innovative and new!


43 Degrees Café


Take 43 Degrees Café, for instance. Recently the café merged with local catering company Bell & Co, renowned for delivering to your door salads that are nourishing, nutrient rich and superbly fresh. With the food philosophy ‘to promote social and environmental wellbeing by creating beautiful food’, it’s easy to understand why 43 Degrees Café owner Mia Lu is thrilled with this merger.

“People are aware of the link between health and diet now – it’s cool to think vegan and organic, and care where food comes from. Our salads of seasonal vegetables, fruits, grains and pulses are I00 percent beneficial to health and are delicious!”
Apart from catering for private functions, corporate events, Christmas functions, birthdays and barbecues etc., Mia envisages branching out to cafés, hotels and, most crucially, schools. Her goal is to introduce their salad boxes to teachers’ groups initially and thereby filter down to where healthy eating is most needed – to children.

“I’d love schools to have healthy options available and for children to find that good food truly has lots of variety, is really colourful and is totally yummy!” With all the food made onsite by a professional chef at 43 Degrees Café’s commercial kitchen, it appears that from the merging of these two businesses, catering in Christchurch is about to get awesome!


Visit it at 1/49 Sir William Pickering Drive, phone 03 357 2011 or visit www.43degreescafe.co.nz.


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