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Lipoedema is a chronic and often misunderstood disorder of fatty tissue seen mainly in women.

Characterised by painful fat accumulation, often in the lower body, this condition not only poses physical challenges but also takes an emotional toll
on those living with it.

Lipoedema presents in different stages, also known as levels of progression. Those with an advanced stage of lipoedema, often have a “column leg” and cuffing above
the ankles.

Lipoedema is associated with pain, easy bruising, and a mass of nodular fat.

While various treatment approaches have been explored, the effectiveness of tumescent liposuction in managing lipoedema has gained significant attention and deserves recognition as a standard of care treatment.

Tumescent liposuction, traditionally associated with cosmetic procedures, has emerged as an important treatment for lipoedema. It offers patients a renewed lease on life by addressing the pain, and enhancing mobility.

Unlike conventional weight loss methods that often prove futile due to the unique nature of lipoedema fat, liposuction’s targeted approach results in substantial and sustainable improvements. More than one treatment with liposuction may be needed to help relieve symptoms and improve the condition long term.

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