Cooking in season

The seasons have changed, and we are officially entering the cold and cosy months.

In New Zealand, we are lucky enough to have a delicious array of fresh produce grown throughout the year. However, some fruit and veggies only grow their best during specific seasons. Eating seasonally is beneficial for a few reasons, and it can completely change the way you eat, cook and shop for your weekly produce.

Better taste
Not only will it save you dollars, but in-season produce will be at its very best because it is growing in optimal conditions, meaning fruit and vegetables that are sweeter and full of delicious natural flavour.

Better for you
In-season produce contains a higher nutritional value than out-of-season produce, due to less time in storage and in transit from farm to table. This means you are getting the best health bang for your buck out of your produce.

Better for the planet
Eating what’s in season also means eating locally, as anything not in season in New Zealand will need to be imported. So eating seasonally helps reduce our food miles and is a more sustainable way to put food on the table.

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