Commercial realty takes off: Athol McCully

After many years of owning a business, life may change and the need to sell becomes a priority.

Business broker Athol McCully, of NAI Harcourts, understands what it is like to put your heart and soul into a business, and then go through the tough process
of selling it.

From buying or selling steady cash-cow motels, to ‘round-the clock’ backpacker lodges, and timeless family holiday parks, Athol’s real estate prowess combines 33 years of hands-on business management expertise. High-end industry knowledge, an unparalleled passion for business diversity, and the energy to match his grandchildren, means it is always ‘business as usual’ for Athol and the team. He says now is a fortuitous time to invest in business, as commercial property markets settle into a ‘new normal’, and New Zealand tourism has an estimated $15 billion spend forecast.

Together these developments mean that the potential for business ventures to be converted into positive investments arises, he says.
“We have the experience and experts in this field, a strong reputation for service excellence, and an investment team worth betting on,” he adds.
If you are looking to buy or sell commercial real estate talk to Athol and fellow broker Cecilia Xiao.

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