Come on in

A home’s front door is often the first thing potential owners and visitors see, setting the scene and the expectation for what is inside.

These days, it is easy to brighten up your front entrance with a lick of paint, new handles, or a brand new door. Homes, no matter what their style, should have a front door that makes a significant (or understated) impact right from the start, giving insight into the lifestyle of those who live there.

Style, design, materials, and colour, should all be considered when choosing a front entrance door. Wood, fibreglass, glass, and steel doors come in an endless number of options, including custom-made.

Choosing the right door material is also a factor to consider. Think about potential weather hazards, such as salty sea air, security needs, and what design styles work best with the home. Popular designs include doors with sidelights, panels, grilles, and dentil shelves. Combining some of these helps create unique doors. Remember that a gorgeous front entrance will help add value to your home, and enhance its kerb appeal.


  • Upgrade the door handles.
  • Install lighting around and/or above your entryway.
  • Add landscaping and/or potted plants.
  • Use the door’s colour to coordinate the rest of the entrance décor.

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