Coastal Dreaming

Coastal Dreaming

Bring the calming influence of the seaside into your home, aesthetically, emotively and practically, coastal themes have ridden an eternal wave in interior design. They’re having a huge resurgence now though, as we crave the lifestyle they elude.


Coastal Dreaming


The colours of the coast. Sigh! Glistening pale aquamarines to bright turquoise tones, gradually fading away baby blues, crisp reflective whites, shades evoking soft warm sand, and hues of a summer sunshine. It can take on so many forms – the dusky deep navy of a stormy sea included. Wood embellishments in lime-washed white is coastal personified. This season yellow is all aglow, so perhaps incorporate a sunny yellow chair into the room. Silvery metallics reflect glistening water. And, as this is New Zealand, pops of Pohutukawa red reflects our very own seaside Christmas.

As homewares are heading to the beach, linen is so deliciously comfortable and cool, it’s hot! And the natural shades of linen are very seashore. It’s practical, natural and hardwearing – perfect for cushioning and covering all shapes and forms. Along with frayed, beaded, buttoned or pom-pom edging and texture, touches of beach-life tributes look the part. Fragrances providing authentic whiffs of summer surf are featured in finely scented diffusers, sprays and candles. Rugs come in all the flattering textures and tones of the coastline – and perfect to disguise the aftermath of sand-covered feet or paws.

Vintage seaside is blissful nostalgia – think colourful ’50s beach houses and anchors. Or travel further back in time and incorporate sea-faring Victoriana memorabilia and old gilded paintings of pirate-esque ships braving high seas. Choosing a minimalist coastal serene theme is like a never-ending holiday to an uninhabited beach. Include substiles of changing hue leading out to an indoor/outdoor flow, with perhaps just a beautiful shell-edged mirror, or seafoam-coloured lamp to set the scene.

Conversely, humour abounds with cheeky beachy adornments, and sassy seaside sayings on everything. Seals and seagulls maybe be dressed in stripey neck-to-knee togs and boatie’s cap, or in fact lay victim to any kind of creative whim. As originality is now king, amazing artists are now adorning our décor. There is something in the stores for every coastal theme.

Begone the ’70s kitsch dolphins, but they now feature along with other beautiful sea creatures in vintage, artistic, or eclectic renditions. The once-hippy mermaid is now a glamourous, evocative thing. Although, you may prefer to just be one yourself, dozing on your new seaside-style lounger with an oversized cushion and a good book.



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