Clever Coatings: Geocoat

Lewis Lester says it takes a special kind of person to be a plasterer, particularly one who specialises in exterior plastering. “The work can be physically demanding. It can also be quite dirty, but the satisfaction of seeing a beautifully plastered house makes any challenges worthwhile.”


Lewis and his team of three qualified tradesmen thrive on working outside and take pride in what they do. “Plastering is more than a trade; it’s a craft that requires care and attention to detail as well as technical skill and expertise.”
Lewis has all those attributes having plastered the exterior of properties South Island-wide since 2003. He established Geocoat Ltd five years ago. “We exclusively use Resene Construction Systems’ range of products for all our jobs, from decorative interior plasters to durable exterior cladding systems. These products are known for their quality and have one of the best guarantees in the market.”
Geocoat Ltd specialises in residential new builds, as well as commercial properties, down to small repair jobs. It follows through with painting as well, which gives the company a real point of difference.
Lewis may be the owner of the company but being on the tools is important to him. “That way I get to see the whole project through. Recently we have also been working with Resene Construction Systems’ range of interior finishes. From breathable natural clay renders and polished Japanese lime plasters to Venetian marble, we offer a wide range of bespoke hand applied natural finishes. These make very striking interior features.”

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