Cheers to good health: Monday Distillery

The festive season with its special occasions and celebratory events is fast approaching.

Then we can look forward to what we are informed will be a hot, dry summer because of the presiding El Niño weather pattern.

All this certainly makes us think of thirst quenching drinks. Beer and wine are great, but too much of a “good” thing can have some unfortunate consequences. There is now a real alternative in the form of non-alcoholic, sugar-free and gluten-free beverages from Australian company Monday Distillery imported into New Zealand by distributor Brent Forbes.

With Monday Distillery’s beautifully packed unique gin and tonic, rum, tequila, whiskey, and vodka spirits you can have a good time, love what you drink and love yourself the next day too. Each of these beverages can be simply chilled, poured, and sipped, or they can be the basis for great cocktails to enjoy on a balmy evening.

Brent’s personal favourite is “mixing the paloma (tequila) with Fever-tree lime for a refreshing, sharp tasting cocktail. Or you could add Fever-tree blood orange or grapefruit to the G & T”.

To purchase email Visit the website below to see the choices, and Brent’s Christmas specials.

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