Christchurch Food Chase

Chasing culinary perfection: Christchurch Food Chase

If you’re a foodie that’s always on the lookout for exceptional eats throughout the city, or you’re a hospitality hotspot chasing the perfect recipe, the Christchurch Food Chase will be right up your alley.

Christchurch Food Chase

A two-week three-weekend spectacular, all in the pursuit of the perfect dish, the Christchurch Food Chase will bring together restaurants from across the city, offering them the chance to enter a meal. Residents and visitors are encouraged to sample as many dishes as possible during the chase, before voting for their favourite.
“We’re bringing together food lovers of the city and encouraging Christchurch to get out and support their local establishments,” event organiser Erin Jackson explains.
“We’re giving restaurants a chance to create something new – and we’re showcasing our exceptional culinary community.”

Erin says there is currently nothing of this nature occurring in Christchurch or the neighbouring communities; not in terms of purpose, scale or reach.
She believes Christchurch has the capacity to match highly successful examples such as ‘Wellington on a Plate’ and ‘Taste of Auckland’ which are operating nationally.
The Christchurch Food Chase will offer the city a chance to celebrate in winter and highlight Christchurch’s compelling hospitality narrative; giving restaurants a chance to create something new and to showcase what makes our city so delicious.
A mutually beneficial partnership, the event encourages locals and visitors alike to get in behind the hospitality sector and to support local business.

“We know that we can build and excite an engaged and enthusiastic community that visits as many of the ‘Food Chase’ restaurants as possible. We see that there is an appetite for more collaborative and engaging culinary events around the city – so we’ve decided to create one ourselves.
“It’ll be fun, it’ll be high energy and – we hope – it will create something epic for us, as a city, to look forward to every winter.”
The Christchurch Food Chase will run across three weekends and two weeks from 24 August to 8 September 2018, featuring local restaurants, each offering a ‘Food Chase Dish’. The restaurants are encouraged to keep their dishes affordable to encourage the public to keep chasing as much as possible.

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