Charming cafe cuisine: Cosy Cafe

Visiting a vibrant, bustling neighbourhood cafe is one of the pleasures of life.

The irresistible smell of brewing coffee fills the air; the cabinets are full of enticing food choices, and there is a wonderful vibe from people chatting, and simply enjoying the environment.
Cosy Cafe on Cavendish Road, Redwood, is the epitome of a neighbourhood cafe. In the capable hands of Amy and Sam Lester since 2019, the cafe attracts customers from all over the local district.

“Taking over the cafe just before Covid-19 hit was rough, as it was for many in the hospitality industry,” say Amy and Sam. “We are determined people, and with the help of great staff and loyal customers we are now seeing a real uptick in business.”

Small wonder that customers are attracted to Cosy Cafe. The space is warm and filled with light, and the food selection varied, with many items made on the premises.
“Good value is what we strive for. We have sandwiches, wraps, savouries and sweet items. Favourites are the cheese scones, muffins, and our cheese rolls made to a family recipe.
They are hot and tasty, and small enough to snack on.”

The cafe has a breakfast and lunch menu, with gluten-free and vegetarian options, and takes group bookings for lunch.

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