Buy vintage

Adding character to your home may be as simple as buying one or two outstanding vintage or antique items, from art to furniture, and crockery to glassware.

Remember that anything 40 years or older is classed as vintage, while items 100
years or older are antiques. Here are three things you should consider buying vintage, rather
than new:

Wooden tables and sideboards
These are more likely to be made from solid woods, whereas newer pieces are usually made from laminate, veneer, or other synthetic materials that don’t hold up as well. Vintage wooden furniture often tends to feature marks, imperfect edges, or scuffs, adding to its character.

Dining chairs
Vintage upholstery has generally been hand-done, which gives it
good bones that are much harder to find with mass produced-upholstery. Buying mismatched chairs can also be fun and you can tie them together with the same colour scheme or upholstery. Add your own touch with some funky modern upholstery.

Glassware and crockery
Mixing and matching vintage glassware and crockery adds a fun, whimsical look to a space. Curate unique sets that are just as beautiful as newer ones by combining contemporary with classic.

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