Buon appetito

While travel is still a dream, we can always find ways to take our tastebuds on a journey! Summer brings fresh ingredients that make it easier to travel with your food and get the whole family involved in making home-made pizzas. Enjoy the flavours and experience of one of Italy’s perfected cuisines.

Italian cuisine is all about keeping the ingredient list simple but still creating dignified flavours with them. Pizza opens the door to simple and eloquent flavour combinations, and we have pulled together some options to keep the prep simple too. If pizza is an event for your family, go all out with a pizza oven, or if it’s a late night craving a specialised stone or pan is the way to go before slicing, serving, and sharing (or not) your creations.

Chapala tonala clay pizza oven
Wiltshire pizza stone


Davis & Waddell, electric pizza maker
Boards of Origin, Lake Kaniere pizza board
Bakerstone stainless steel pizza peel


Tempa Fromagerie pizza knives 2 piece set
Lodge Cast Iron New Bakeware Pizza Pan
Dorset Bib Apron



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