Via Sollertia

Bespoke treasure: Via Sollertia

There’s a slight organic shift happening in ring trends, so think Clare and Joel of New Regent Street’s Via Sollertia.


 Via Sollertia


They design and sell mouth-wateringly lovely engagement and wedding rings, amongst other jewellery. The current mood seems to point in the direction of very simple yet hand-crafted, faceted rings in which the uniqueness lies in a certain ‘unfinished, non-uniform quality.’

“People are requesting beautiful buttery textures in which the metal appears soft and fluid,” Clare says.  She’s able to design and bring any ring-profile desire to fruition. Every piece is created on-site, to any dreamy specifications. The finish created can be contemporary or traditional; raw, beaten, rough, or glossy.


Via Sollertia


Via Sollertia
11 New Regent Street
Ph 366 8001


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