Wild for Weddings

Wild for Weddings

Weddings and all customs related are completely addictive. It’s probably because they’re an excuse to indulge in an otherworldly, fabulous day and because planning the details is an excuse to obsess about the finer points of glamour, of etiquette, of, in fact, anything awe-inspiring and delicious, which prettily overrides the strict necessities of life.


Wild for Weddings


Maybe we’ve entered a new romantic period in history. Blame social media. But this is a good thing, right? People want their photos in noteworthy locations; on the tops of things, sometimes involving helicopters, or trailing in the tide, so that the dress will have to be sold online with a salt-encrusted warning attached.

Whatever; silence the nay-sayers and make a list of some cool ideas which might just be able to come to fruition. Maybe you want your photos somewhere gritty and dilapidated; somewhere characterful looking, like a film-backdrop. Ditto with the music (actually, the music is one very important facet of your day which might work heaps on the general atmosphere of the occasion, without involving too much extra depth of pocket. Unless you hire the actual musicians, which is an inspired idea too).


Bride-or-groom-zillas can, during the whole run up to the day, become overly worried about minor points of style. At some stage you’ll probably need to be aided to chill out. That’s where your attendants come in handy. What’s going to be important in ten years? This line of questioning might or might not go down a treat, but it’s a good thought-provoker nevertheless.


But, for what it’s worth, here are some planning-pointers to consider for your wedding:

1.In general, do you like to go elaborate/no expense spared, or would you be happy with stripped-back and sincere? Time of day could contribute to the type of occasion, too.

2.Shabby-chic, bohemian weddings are still a thing. After all, heritage-infused maximalism seems to be replacing minimalism in fashion shoots everywhere.

3.Do you like things ‘shockingly simple’ and if so, how does that translate to the catering?

4.If you want every guest to the ceremony to receive something immediately afterward, would you prefer that to be a glass of champagne, a mocktail, or an ice-cream?

5.Solemnity is still required for the ‘I take you..’ part of the ceremony. There isn’t much solemnity in daily life, so this bit is superlatively memorable. Think carefully about the wording of the vows.

6.Do whatever you can to make the day a personalised celebration where guests are comfortable and catered-to. But save a little energy for the honeymoon!



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