Behind the microscope: Mohs and Skin Cancer Specialists

Skin cancer is a daunting reality for many Kiwis.

A newly opened practice in Papanui is offering a wide range of treatments for all skin cancer types, expert advice and care, and a welcoming, safe environment.
Mohs Micrographic Surgery (MMS) is the gold standard for treating two of the most common types of skin cancer; basal cell carcinomas and squamous cell carcinomas.

It is the most accurate, with the highest cure rate and lowest rate of recurrence.

The point of difference for MMS is in the immediate microscopic examination of the tissue surrounding the removed skin area, including an examination of 100% of the border to ensure that all extensions of the tumour have been removed completely.

In conventional surgery, only around 1% of the tissue margin is examined which means that some ‘roots’ may go unnoticed until the tumour re-occurs. As well as this, MMS allows as little tissue as possible to be removed because of the accuracy of identifying the margins.

Mohs and Skin Cancer Specialists is expert in MMS. The welcoming and spacious skin cancer clinic is custom-built for this treatment, equipped with world-leading Fotofinder technology for crystal clear imaging and highly accurate mapping of lesions.

The team members look after everything, right from your first consultation to post-surgery and recovery. Dermatologist and Mohs surgeon Mairi-Clare Ferguson says, “We do everything. Things happen faster that way which often means less worry, and a hassle-free experience for patients.”
Mairi-Clare says often people don’t know what to look for, and it isn’t always moles. Scar tissue that appears without an injury, red patches, bumps, ulcers, and inflamed skin can all be signs of skin cancer appearing. “If you are worried, come in for a lesion check. We will discuss your history, take images with Fotofinder and look for any signs that indicate a tumour.”

The scary thing about some skin cancers if that often what you see is not the full story. Mairi-Clare explains that what most people don’t understand is how much skin cancer can spread under the skin that you just can’t see on the surface.

If you are worried about your skin, Mohs and Skin Cancer Specialists provide a full skin check and guide you through any necessary steps you might need following that.

To make an appointment with Dr Ferguson or Dr Trowbridge, phone 03 925 9812, or email



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