Bathroom bliss

Bathrooms are top of the list to renovate as they play a vital role in our daily life.

When renovating a bathroom, there many things to consider, including whether it’s a family bathroom or an ensuite, the size of the room, and whether you can change the layout or just the furniture and accessories.

Metropol shares some tips from manufacturer Methven.

Replace your vanity
Removing your old vanity and replacing it with a new one will instantly make your bathroom feel like it’s had a full renovation. A wall mounted floating vanity will also open up the feel of a small bathroom space by adding more floor area.

Update your shower and tapware
By simply replacing your tapware and shower you will transform the feeling of your bathroom. The basin mixer is typically the hero of your tapware collection. Once you are happy with this choice, select your shower and bathroom accessories with complimentary shapes to complete your bathroom and create a cohesive look.

Layout matters
While changing the locations of certain features such as the bath can transform a small bathroom, others can be unnecessary and not cost-effective. Instead, try including decorative accents such as plants or décor, or alternatively a mirror to enhance the room and make it feel lighter and more spacious.

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