Shaping your builds: Angus Chisholm Builders

Modern construction is an arena for those with a broad skill base. Technical demands for engineering post-earthquake are intense, peer reviewing is mandatory post the leaky homes debacle, and we dare not mention the C word. Scarcity of materials has sent residential build costs well beyond inflation.

Any business set on thriving is evolving and diversifying to stay ahead. That’s where Angus Chisholm Builders come in.

Angus is an experienced foreman working in concrete, metal, structural steel, and passive design. Partner Laura is a qualified engineer. They offer peer-review and technical advice, including review of plans, contracts, and price analysis.

“We can assist with passive design, developer approvals, colour schemes and project management/construction monitoring of your build. We have the skills to help with paperwork and provide peace of mind during your build,” says Laura.

They emphasise structure and design at the start of a project, to achieve a more affordable house. “We encourage a realistic time frame, with the emphasis on really excellent design. Time spent there means you can achieve your goals even with materials costs increases,” says Angus.

“Sustainable designing, which moves towards a passive home, and a more modular build approach where the home grows with your family, can keep you within budget.”

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