Back in balance: NZ Mortgages

Seeing the rising number of properties on the market is heartening.

Nathan Miglani, Director NZ Mortgages

While the weather is taking a bit of time to catch up, the property market has launched full steam ahead into the spring/summer rush that is typical of this time of the year.

With many believing we have reached the peak when it comes to interest rates, the market is starting to move more readily with more properties being released, and open home attendance numbers growing. This increase in enquiry is heartening to see as it indicates a return to balance, rather than the peaks and troughs we have experienced recently.

With more properties coming onto the market, we are seeing the demand for rentals increase and for those who are able to do so, with a move from one of the biggest banks making refinancing the home loan the easiest I have seen in my career so far.

Our experience with non-bank lenders is becoming more prevalent as the number of people who are self-employed grows. Being self-employed is not a limitation to realising your property dreams. Numerous options exist with a number of non-bank and Australian lenders keen to expand their offering in our local market, ensuring there is more choice in this space than we have seen for a while.

That said, there’s no doubt the cost of living is impacting us all, and NZ Mortgages are very aware that every borrower’s situation is different, which is why it is critical to get expert advice when it comes to how you structure your mortgage. It is definitely a situation where it’s better to be proactive.

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