A low-maintenance garden

Do you spend copious amounts of time working hard in the garden, leaving little time to sit back and enjoy it?

We suggest contacting a local gardening business to help you out with landscaping or take on these tips to turn your garden into a low-maintenance garden.


  1. Group thirsty plants together.
  2. Install watering systems to save time watering by hand.
  3. Build or buy raised wooden planters.
    They will be easier to maintain and save your back from bending over.
  4. Avoid hedges and topiary that need regular pruning.
  5. Choose native plants as they will grow with less work.
  6. Give self-watering plant pots a go.
  7. Less lawn = less mowing.
  8. Groundcover plants will give your garden beds a great carpet of textures and act as natural weed barriers.
  9. Climbers are the perfect way to extend your growing space and you can paint or stain the surface before planting for a low-maintenance, high-impact look.
  10. Embrace a bit of wildness, if you don’t get hung up on the garden being perfect and emrace the quirks of natural, it will make the garden a lot less work.

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