Autumnal Auburn

Dug deep from within the earth, natural pigments like ochre and terracotta, sourced from clays and volcanic rocks, have been used by artists all over the world for generations.




This year we’re expecting to see a rich, authentic colour palette of terracotta, umber and spiced reds coming through in homewares, creating warm and inviting spaces. As the leaves begin to fall from the trees, one can’t help but notice that autumnal change has occurred. The vastly varying colours of each leaf as it meanders its way down to the ground presents a montage of new autumnal hues that on-trend décor borrows from more than any other season.

The overall natural shift towards earthy tones can be seen everywhere from makeup on the runway to the revival of clay pottery in modern art and the growing popularity of sourcing sustainable wood in today’s architectural designs. Homewares are naturally no exception. The appeal of the auburn palette could be that the neutrality lends itself to pairing with other colours in its family, with options such as mustard, gold, rust and tan. Mother Nature offers up a seemingly endless amount of décor options for your home.

For small colour changes, consider swapping out white dinner serviettes for a pumpkin coloured set adorned with gold-leaf rings when the family visits. Swap a clear glass vase with a natural clay one to liven up a floral centerpiece. If you want to make a statement, a rich, red armchair or burnt orange sofa boldly accomplish the season’s homeware trend.



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