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What makes a person’s face look younger or older involves a number of variables such as skin texture, tone, and colour to wrinkles, loss of volume, and sagging. The last of those, sagging, happens because collagen, the structural support of the skin, diminishes over time. Collagen loss also contributes to volume loss and wrinkle formation.

Obviously, the best way to stay youthful looking is to not lose collagen in the first place. We can do that by using sunscreen regularly and living a good lifestyle; no smoking, low alcohol and sugar consumption, regular exercise and trying to keep inflammation down
in general.

Fortunately, there are lots of technologies available that can lift, tighten and firm multiple layers of the skin, to cause remodelling of the deep to superficial collagen layers.

The best of the non-invasive technologies available use either radio-frequency or ultrasound to stimulate collagen production in the different layers of the skin.
Radiofrequency in a broad, diffused way and ultrasound in a deeper, targeted way. Collagen fibres are like a loose-knit sweater and these treatments tighten that sweater!

There is little to no downtime as the treatments work below the top layer of skin. Results develop over the months following the treatment as the body grows new collagen, producing amazing results.

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