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You can be swept off your feet, stand on your own two feet or take a load off. Whether it’s walking, running or standing, your trotters are your A to B. When they experience pain, the quality of daily activities deteriorates. Like it or not, pain gets our attention.

Heel pain is the most common condition seen by podiatrists. It affects all ages from children to dedicated athletes, including regular Joe’s who find themselves frustrated by the ‘yoyo’ pain effect.

Heel pain can exhibit from the morning’s first steps, after prolonged sitting or after engaging in sports. The pain might dissipate initially as the body ‘warms up’ but it will inevitably return, gradually worsening.

Ignoring pain for an extended period will only exacerbate the problem. A professional diagnosis followed by the appropriate treatment plan is the best solution.

Footprints Podiatry has successfully been treating plantar heel pain for more than 20 years, using the latest taping techniques, exercise programmes, Plantar Fascia braces/splints, moonboots, and customised orthotics to facilitate corrective treatment.

For expert advice on appropriate and supportive sports and casual footwear, phone the Heel Pain Clinic on 03 351 0886 or visit the website below.


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