Ancient healing massage: Beauty Progress

Thai massage is an ancient healing practice that originated over 2500 years ago.


The gentle pressure and stretching techniques manipulated in Thai massage help to lower stress, increase energy, and improve athletic performance.
Beauty Progress offers an authentic and therapeutic Thai massage for both men and women that aims to soothe, cleanse, and restore the body’s equilibrium.
An authentic Thai massage is an all-encompassing and holistic approach to well-being, which focuses on the physical, emotional and spiritual states of the individual.

Thai massage alleviates stress, invigorates muscles and joints, and releases harmful toxin build-up.

Thai massage clears channels that supply natural energy flow to the body, which leads to a sense of calmness and clarity of thought.

Thai massage slows thoughts, relieves tension, pain or tiredness, and reconnects the person to their strong, reflective inner self.

The spiritual aspect of Thai massage is long recognised, but continued research on the health benefits of Thai massage demonstrates its potential for aiding in pain reduction, stress reduction, and improving flexibility, circulation, body alignment and posture, and deeper breathing.

Beauty Progress is located at Unit 1 – 171 Waltham Road, Christchurch. Phone 03 379 4315.Email



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