All smoke & mirrors

All smoke & mirrors

Mirrors are clever design pieces that can make or break your décor.


All smoke & mirrors


Taking on many roles, they can be a piece of wall art, for lightening and brightening, creating optical illusions, distracting, or highlighting – checking out your reflection is just a bonus! Hanging a mirror certainly has a multifaceted effect.

Facing a large mirror adjacent to a view is like gaining another window. Whether a gorgeous garden or dreamy view, it is double the pleasure. What they reflect is key – a vase of flowers on a table will double in beauty – but avoid them facing less illustrious corners. Assess if it will do the surroundings justice.

Full length mirrors dramatically open up a space and offer the best way to accurately assess your outfit from head to toe. As a full-wall feature they glamorise and open up the space.
Thick baroque gilded frames are as current as geometric quirky designs. Bevelled mirroring is a luxurious option and backlighted options are perfect for bathrooms and bedrooms.

A grand frame around a modest mirror can steal the limelight, whereas a fine frame on a large mirror gives all the attention to the reflection. There is no ‘fairest of them all’ – they all simply mirror personality.



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