Aesthetic solar panels: Infinite Energy NZ

While installing solar energy brings a raft of benefits, enhancing the look of your home isn’t always one of them.

Plenty of solar companies install a variety of panels, but Infinite Energy NZ has placed the emphasis on accurate design, as well as top performance. “Our emphasis is to make your home more desirable by eliminating the aesthetic barrier of solar panels,” says chief executive Regan Heal, “we think it is crazy to spend upwards of $1 million on a home and then $20,000 to ruin the look of it!”

Solar panels naturally sit on the north surface of a home and this is also the side that is best for outdoor living and entertaining. “Our pure black panels are designed and installed to discretely blend in,” says Regan, “we are solutions based, ensuring you get great outcomes through excellent design.”

Most of us are bringing solar energy into our lives for the first time. Once we have solar, we should ensure it’s performing at its peak. “Getting the best out of your solar is a learning process. Along with our great design and installation process, we also create a long-term relationship with our clients, we stand behind them to ensure their panels are performing to our expectations,” says Regan.

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