Adding Fun to Fashion: Working Style

A new collection is arriving at Working Style, featuring strong textures matched with beautiful colourways: chocolates, green and plums, to complement those core colours of blue and grey.



“They’re really easy colours to wear – not fussy, but interesting,” Creative Director Karl Clausen says. “This season everything is a little softer, more understated. So we’ve taken all that corporate edge of our clothing and made it a bit more fun. It is stylish and there is a focus on interesting details, easy to pair with what you already have in your wardrobe.”

At Working Style many of the pieces are interchangeable and easy to dress up or down. Karl says it is easy to give those items a whole new look and feel depending on what they’re paired with. You can adapt them to your environment or to the occasion. “There is definite shift in how men are wearing formal wear and how formal wear is defined,” Karl says. “A suit and a jacket doesn’t have to look corporate or overtly formal – you should be able to wear your formal wear on a variety of occasions with the appropriate accessories.”

The fabrications always offer a dynamic, polished appearance if it’s required however, a lot of men want something a bit more understated and this season the fabrications provide an opportunity for guys to wear tailoring that’s softer and adaptable to a more informal way of dressing.
“This season the flannel suits stand out for me,” Karl says. “I love their ability to be worn as separates; the trousers look great with a jersey; the jackets look great with a pair of jeans. They look awesome as a suit together. It just adds so much breadth to your wardrobe.”

Karl is from Christchurch originally and opened Working Style in Christchurch after meeting Working Style founder Chris Dobbs. The store began in Colombo Street, then moved to Merivale and grew into what it is now. After five years, Karl spent another four years in London before coming back to New Zealand to rejoin Working Style as its Creative Director.

Karl loves his involvement with the evolution of Working Style and playing an intricate role within that. “With every new collection the quality is never compromised. We are always in search of the finest fabrications and the best possible make. Our standards in service and attention to detail are something we pride ourselves on, along with our ability to appreciate our clients.”

Find Working Style in its distinctive building on the corner of Papanui Road and Murray Place, at 242 Papanui Road, Merivale. There is on site parking and you can contact the store on 03 355 8493 or visit


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