A Winning Journey: LINK

“It was totally unexpected, but absolutely thrilling.”



Katherine Shepherd, Sales Manager of LINK Christchurch and South Island, recalls the moment at last month’s international conference in Bangkok when her team was announced as the global winner of the LINK Spirit Award. “There are 28 LINK offices around the world, so for us – as an office which has recently gone through a change of management and grown significantly – to be the winners, was the culmination of the big journey we have been on over the past year.

LINK is the world’s market leading business brokerage. Its professional reputation is built on integrity, honesty and uncompromising quality. That culture is one of the criteria for the LINK Spirit Award along with achieving exceptional results, living and breathing the brand and having fun.



“To have ticked all those boxes was amazing, but for me the key to our success is the right culture,” Katherine says. “That is what I set out to establish from the outset when joining the team. We worked on putting in place goals for individuals and for the whole team, as well as making sure we have fun outside of the work environment.”

All that hard work has certainly paid off not only with the LINK Spirit Award, but also in the indisputable fact that the local office won the international Most Improved Office Award, based on revenue – a huge 125 percent increase over the previous 12 month period. “We have made a great start and from here on we will continue to build on our passion for bringing businesses and purchasers together.”


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