A Vintage Wedding: Cross Hares


The guests raise their glasses in reply to the toast just given by the best man, “To the bride and groom!” They sip their wine, they become silent, they sip again, they smile. The bride watches her guests chatting across the tables, hears their laughter. She murmurs to the groom, “Look, the Cross Hares Effect”.

The groom sees his mother quaffing her ‘Greenman’ pinot noir and flirting with the bride’s father. He nudges the bride. “Your Dad’s just finished his ‘Ahuriri Run’ pinot gris and now he’s signalling the waiter for the following year’s vintage.” His bride giggles, “Wait till he tries the ‘Ahuriri Run’ 2018!” They look at the happy faces around them.

“Clever you,” says the groom, raising his glass to his bride. “To Cross Hares wines,” she replies, raising her glass, “The best decision I ever made… apart from saying yes to you, darling!”

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