A hotel-like guest room

When beloved friends or family make the effort to visit and stay a few days, why not make their stay as luxurious as possible?

Cosy comforter, decent bed, and silky-smooth sheets
Start by ensuring your guests will have a comfortable sleep, and don’t skimp on getting a luxury comforter, high thread count Egyptian cotton sheets, plus a decent mattress, that you’d be happy to sleep on.
Add in extra soft and fluffy towel sheets so your guest can wrap up after a shower, and maybe a robe or two.

An ingeniously designed luggage rack is ideal for your guest to prop their suitcase or duffle bag on, and it will save them from having to bend over anytime they want to grab something.

Lamp lighting
Don’t forget to add a lamp so guests have the option of reading at night if they wish. Clever lamps are available that also include USB ports, making charging devices a breeze
for guests. To ensure a cosy, relaxed vibe in the evening,
think about a couple of delicious-smelling candles also.

WiFi password handy
An excellent idea for those tech-keen guests is to have a way to show your WiFi password. Whether it’s on a small chalkboard or you frame a printout, do whatever suits the aesthetics of the room, and it’ll save your guest from having to ask you for the password.

Stock the side table or guest bathroom with mini toiletries, such as those in hotel rooms. Top of the list is to have a spare toothbrush (or two) in case your guest has forgotten theirs, and follow with body soap, shampoo, and conditioner. Think sustainably and use gorgeous refillable containers.

To up the zen in your guest room consider purchasing a diffuser and a few essential oils so the room can become a relaxing haven for visitors (or you if you need a break).

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