A handy home gym

During lockdowns, home gyms became a must for those who were missing their exercise fix.

S ome are still reaping the many benefits of a home gym. No need to commute, no eyes on you while you exercise, and you can fit in your workout any time that suits you.
Surprisingly, setting up a home gym is easier than you think. You may have a spare room, or the perfect sized garage ready to be transformed. Determine if you’ll need a mat or if you’ll need to put down foam tiles to protect your floors.
To ensure your workout space motivates and also  inspires you, try to create an environment where you enjoy spending time.
If your current workout area feels dull, bring it to life by incorporating shelves for organising equipment, colourful mats for added vibrancy, or a fresh coat of paint.
By enhancing your workout space, you will ignite the passion to push harder and achieve your fitness goals with renewed enthusiasm.
Your fitness goals will determine your equipment needs. Ask yourself – what type of exercise do I enjoy most?
Here is some suggested basic equipment you can use to get started:
An exercise mat
Resistance bands
Bench, box, or step
Ab wheel
Gliding discs
Jump rope
If strength training is a part of your goals, consider getting:
A variety of dumbbells
Medicine balls
Barbells and plate weights
If cardio is something you want to incorporate, consider:
Indoor cycling bike
Don’t forget – cardio can include exercises such as jumping jacks, power walking, jump rope, walking lunges, burpees or running outside.

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