A gorgeous stack

Books are an interior designer’s secret weapon, filling in the gaps on coffee, dining, and bedside tables.

Kitchen nooks, entertainment units, and shelving can all become homes to them too. Utilise neutral books in spaces you don’t want to overdo and keep the fun covers for homier, cosy areas.
Recent trends have spiked an increase in books with bright, vibrant, and ever-playful colours on the cover. A shift towards art deco styling has trickled down into book covers, meaning you can embrace this fun, eclectic side of accessories in a completely noncommittal way.

Yves Saint Laurent Catwalk, Piccadilly Books.
Pasta Night, Superette.

Books on fashion are great statement-makers, often used to adorn coffee tables, while the dreamy visuals inside make for inspiring reading and wardrobe wishes. While many come with black or white covers, bold lettering and branding do all the talking.

Where possible, think practical. Avoid purchasing a book if its only use will be to sit pretty. Recipe books, with their delicious content and commonly gorgeous covers, are an easy example of blending fashion with function here. Aim to merge your reading passions with cool-looking book covers.

To style, stack your books from largest to smallest, centering each one on top of the other. Decorate keeping proportions as your best friend. Mix big and small and tall and short, in anything from vases, miniature plants, candles, bowls, ornaments, and trinkets. Work with odd numbers, and stray from too many competing colours.

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