A celebration of life

Saying goodbye to a loved one by celebrating their life has become more common during recent times.

A celebration of life service is usually a ceremony where people gather to celebrate the unique life of the deceased, and they are commonly held after physical remains have been cared for through burial or cremation.

More and more families are choosing to hold ceremonies that celebrate the life and personality of their loved one, as an alternative to a traditional funeral ceremony, although the latter are still a popular way to say goodbye.

The best way to start planning a celebration of life is to begin doing so while your loved one is still with you. This way you have the chance to ask them, “How do you want to be remembered?”, “what are you most passionate about?”, and “what would you like your celebration of life to include?” This way you are not left guessing what your loved one would’ve wanted when it comes time to plan the celebration of life service.

Personal choice

Both funerals and celebrations of life serve as a way for families to acknowledge the passing of a loved one and say goodbye. However, there are many contrasts between the two ceremonies which commonly lead a family to choose one over the other.

A traditional funeral follows common rituals and customs, and tends to be a more structured ceremony. Usually, it has four main parts: the visitation, the funeral service, the committal service, and the funeral reception.

For those looking for a sense of spirituality, religion, or tradition, a funeral service fits the bill.

A celebration of life ceremony, offers more freedom in the planning process, and can include whatever family members think is appropriate to represent and honour their loved one. It tells the story of their life, and what made them special.

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