7 ways to incorporate healthy eating habits into your day to day life

Regularly maintaining healthy eating patterns can often be a challenge, particularly in especially busy times in your life when grabbing a quick tasty snack is just too tempting to resist. If you suspect that you may have given in to this temptation a few times too many recently, there are plenty of ways that you can get your diet back on track in a stress-free and efficient way. Have a look at the tips below to get inspired by a few methods and start your journey back in the right direction towards a healthy diet.



#1 Eat your veggies

A good rule to help you out is to aim for making at least half your plate fruit and veggies each meal. That way you can keep track of the amount of valuable nutrients you are getting and have a rule for regulating the other elements of your meal. Another good rule to remember is that the more colourful your plate is, the better it is for you. Eating your greens first is also a great way to ensure that you fill up on the good stuff first before moving onto the other elements on your plate. That way, instead of having your half plate of veggies as leftovers, they have been eaten before you’re too full and you don’t risk missing out on the nutrients they provide you.

#2 Cook at home

The more you cook for yourself at home, the more control you have over what goes into your body. Healthy eating can be fun and allowing yourself to experiment with the wide variety of tasty dishes out there is a great opportunity to flex those creative muscles. Trying a different recipe each week will help to keep mealtime enjoyable. It’s important to look forward to eating as this will further improve your attitude towards food and make you want to be invested in making healthy choices for yourself.

#3 Meal prep

If you find yourself pressed for time or don’t have the energy to come home and cook every single day, try setting aside some time on a quieter day to prepare all your meals for the week ahead of time. Be crafty with ingredients and find yourself some healthy go-tos that you can quickly whip up and have ready for any occasion.

#4 Only eat when you’re actually hungry

Another good tip for a healthier diet is to familiarise yourself with healthy eating guidelines and understand what you should be eating in a regular day in order to achieve a healthy balance. It’s important to eat when you actually feel hungry and not just when you’re bored. Reduce the chances of snacking by ensuring that you start each day with a good, filling breakfast that will sustain you through to lunchtime.

#5 Switch unhealthy snacks for healthy ones

If you do feel the urge for an energy boost during the day, opt for snacks that provide you with a healthy pick-me-up. For example, if you’re used to turning to chips, try a handful of nuts instead. If you fancy something sweet, grab a piece of fruit. There are many healthy snack options that are sure to satisfy your cravings just as well as their less-healthy counterparts

#6 Try keeping a food diary

A food diary is a great method to use to allow you to physically keep track of what you are eating. It’s difficult to keep track of every single thing you eat throughout the course of a day, particularly if you are prone to having a little snack here and there. Writing it down can help you remember and manage the amount of times you reach for the snack cupboard throughout the day, helping you keep track of your intake. Reviewing what you typically eat and refining your choices to better reflect your personal dietary needs is a significant step towards a healthier lifestyle.

#7 Shop with a list

How you plan your shopping trips can be a crucial element for your diet. Ensuring that you have pre-planned what you need to buy before you leave for the supermarket is an essential way to avoid any unnecessary purchases. This practice will also go hand in hand with your meal prepping and can be hugely beneficial for helping you maintain a healthier diet. As an added bonus, shopping with a list and with meal planning in mind will help you to reduce your food waste which is great for the environment. It is also beneficial to read the labels of the products that you buy to understand their nutritional value. Opt for healthier product alternatives such as wholegrain bread over white or low fat milk over full cream. These simple steps can have a large impact on the overall health value of your diet.


Healthy habits can be simple to incorporate into the routine of your everyday life. Informing yourself about a few basic methods that you can use for achieving a more balanced lifestyle is a great first step and a sign that you’re on your way to a healthier, happier you.


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