Zane Tate, a zany expert in aesthetics

Cantabrian Zane Tate possesses a multitude of talents, approaching everything he does with immense enthusiasm. Metropol deputy editor Daniella Judge finds out what makes him tick.

When Zane Tate walks into the room for his interview, it’s hard to miss his charisma. From his crisp hat to his pristine white shirt, cerise trousers, and shiny patent shoes, his outfit shouts creativity, fashion, and style.

Founder of an interior design company that bears his name, Zane transforms people’s interior design dreams into tangible realities (pictured). This year, he also assumes the role of fashion coordinator at Riccarton Park Racecourse, orchestrating their popular fashion events.

How did this happen? “I feel like my life led to this,” says Zane, with a wide grin.

His aim is to elevate these competitions to new heights by making them accessible to everyone. “I really want to take this amazing competition to the next stage.” Zane urges all with a passion for fashion to join the Winter Fashion in the Field competition on 12 August. “The worst thing that can happen is you have a lot of fun.”

Participants in the competition range from those who source pieces from around the world to those who enjoy fashion for its creative possibilities.

Winners of the Cup Day fashion show go on to compete in the national competition in Auckland, and from there, they may have a chance to participate in the Melbourne Cup competition.

If you are wanting to get ahead of fashion trends coming to Aotearoa, they can be predicted by what is happening in Australia, He suggests. “Melbourne is the leader in Australasian style, and what they are doing will influence the fashion here”.

Melbourne’s last Cup Day fashion competition had categories titled “best suited” and “best dressed” to encourage people to enter the category that matches their personality, rather than their gender identity.

Zane foresees a similar shift in New Zealand’s fashion landscape. In this year’s Riccarton Park Racecourse’s Winter fashion competition, alongside the usual Men’s and Women’s best dressed there are two non-gender-defined categories: Millinery and Vintage Glamour.

Zane describes his personal fashion style as “pushing the boundaries of menswear,” showcasing his inclination towards experimenting with different styles and challenging the limits of conventional fashion. In interior design, he enjoys incorporating colour, art, and humour.

He emphasises the importance of having a strong sense of personal style in both fashion and interior design.
In the last decade, Zane believes that Canterbury’s fashion landscape has transformed [for the better] thanks to the influx of international workers who have brought diverse styles to the region.

Coupled with the excitement of emerging from pandemic lockdowns, people want to have more fun and test out bolder looks, which is reflected in their fashion choices.

Beyond his remarkable talents, Zane’s involvement in organising charitable events shines brightly. Together with his friend Helena Lowe, he co-hosts The Gala, an annual mental health fundraiser. The event raises funds for renowned advocate Mike King’s charities, Gumboot Friday, and I am Hope. Mike joins as a co-host, amplifying its impact.

Zane continues to be a trailblazer, encouraging individuals to embrace their personal style as a means of self-expression in both fashion and interior design. With his infectious enthusiasm, he’s reshaping the fashion landscape in Canterbury one outfit at a time, while also making a difference in the community.


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