Your summer smile: Dentures Plus

Contrary to what people might assume, dentures require regular check-ups just the same as natural teeth do.

Obvious signs that indicate dentures need looking at are mouth ulcers, sore gums, or difficulties when eating.

Ryan Carlton of Dentures Plus recommends that patients don’t delay in contacting the clinic should any of these symptoms arise.

“The earlier we get on the problem, the better. We want to ensure oral health and hygiene are restored as soon as possible, as well as make certain the dentures fit well and look good.”

As denture technology has increased, patients can now benefit from a higher accuracy in the creation of complete and partial dentures, flexible partials, sports mouth guards and bite splints.

Regular cleaning with quality in-clinic products, such as Caldent Denture Cleaner and TCS Denture Cleaner, helps prevent dentures from looking stained or unsightly.

The team here includes fully qualified dental professionals and skilled dental technicians who all strive to achieve the highest quality of service for patients.
Dentures can take several weeks in both the pre-making and actual making process, so by booking a consultation appointment now, you are guaranteed to head into summer with a fabulous smile.

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