Your sanctuary: Butterfield Bathrooms

We are familiar with the kitchen being referred to as the ‘heart of the home’, but the bathroom provides an equally vital function.

Butterfield Bathrooms have been making this essential room beautiful as well as functional for more than 40 years. Design Specialist Joel Crack says, “If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then the bathroom must surely be the central nervous system.” We spoke to Joel about why having a great bathroom is the key to a great life.

  1. The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house. “There is no denying that everyone needs a visit a few times a day.”
  2. The bathroom is a huge factor in determining your home’s value. “Impressing buyers with an attractive bathroom is a massive selling point. While many ‘DIYers’ can competently spruce up a bedroom with a coat of paint, a great bathroom calls for an expert, and buyers are thrilled when it is already perfect.”
  3. It is a place of delicious solitude. “If you live in a busy home, have young children or very attached pets, often it’s only the click of that lock on the bathroom door that gives you some time and space to think.”
  4. If a bathroom is not kept in tip-top condition, it can end up costing a lot of money. “Do yourself a favour and keep your bathroom in peak order. Give it some love and it will remain your little sanctuary.”
  5. It can be more than a nuisance if the fixtures are not working well. “That shower handle that pulls off every single morning? It’s taking up precious morning minutes, as well as skyrocketing your blood pressure. Your health deserves a bathroom that works.”
  6. An oasis of calm, and a place where water runs, the bathroom is the perfect environment for contemplating life’s issues. “Whether you are a great mind, or more standard issue in the brain department, it is well known that all the most creative thoughts come under the gush of a shower.”
  7. It is a great place for thinking about the future. There are no distractions (unless, ahem, you are one of those that take your phone in). “With a comfy seat, and a mirror to look yourself straight in the eye, there is no better spot for asking yourself ‘what do I want?’, and ‘how will I get there?’”
  8. The bathroom bookends your day. Most likely, you are in there first thing and last thing. “Setting the tone for the day with a lovely experience, and feeling pampered before bed is a bit of luxury in life.”

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