Woollen winter warmth

Cashmere, merino, homespun – they’re all types of wool and they all equate to being warm in winter.

Totally natural, renewable and biodegradable, wool is the preferred fibre of millions worldwide, used to produce apparel and footwear.

Wool garments are naturally breathable down to the fibre level, allowing air to flow between the fibres. This breathability means wool doesn’t feel clammy when you sweat and will prevent you from overheating.

Wool is also extremely versatile, for women’s and men’s apparel, from hats to sweaters to suit and jackets, sock, scarves and even undergarments.

Why wool?

Softness and comfort – Merino and other high-quality wools are more malleable than traditional, coarser varieties. It can be processed to a superfine fibre, making it very soft.

Moisture absorbent – Wool can absorb large quantities of moisture, keeping it away from your skin for a comfortably cool feel. Being proactive it will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Great fit – Wool has a natural stretchiness and also easily snaps back into shape, despite continuous wear and cleaning. Its smooth fibres and easy stretch means a lovely drape, without cling.

Easy to take care of – Most varieties are machine washable, and many can be tumble dried, too. Additionally wool is both stain and odour resistant, thanks to a unique outer layer that helps to repel stains and keep them from being absorbed.

Image: Swandri

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