Where the artisans are: Encraftment Market

The aftermath of the Christchurch earthquakes wrought countless hardships to both homeowners and businesses.

Community markets also suffered, with many artisans losing their regular stalls. Thanks to Bronwyn Finch and Paula Park stepping up, stallholders are able to set out their wares once again.
Encraftment Market opened in 2011, and Bronwyn still heads the team. This winter, around 130 stallholders were chosen to participate. Solely dedicated to handmade, only excellent craftmanship and unique products are selected to sell.

Encraftment Market Team 2024 L–R: Bronwyn, Helen, Lee

Longtime stallholder Lee Arthur explains that time, care, and thought are put into creating exclusively handmade, high-quality products with ethically sourced materials. “You won’t see anything that has been produced in some huge manufacturing plant or sweatshop.”

Instead, visitors see beautifully handcrafted products, such as art, jewellery, ceramics, toys and games, homeware, candles, bath and beauty products, clothing and accessories, and pet items.
“Once the market opens, it’s non-stop chatting to customers, which is always a highlight because we hear firsthand why people love the products they’re buying,” Lee says.

The camaraderie within this market is special. Stallholders enjoy catching up, connecting, and sharing ideas and stories. “It’s a great, positive vibe.” Foodies can roam the wide range of gourmet foods inside, while food trucks provide tasty lunch and snack options outside.

With an eye to its future, Lee says the market has worked on growing its relationship with Felt, an online platform for Aotearoa artisans. “Our values align well, which has helped us encourage our makers to have an online presence alongside their market presence.”

“We’re always looking for like-minded businesses to partner with, and because we’re creatives, we’re never short of

ideas for the future.” Encraftment Market opens twice yearly, in June and November, at Christchurch’s Pioneer Stadium, from 10am to 4pm.



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