Where care meets community: Holly Lea Village

Welcome to Holly Lea Village, a place where heritage and warmth meet modern care practices, all nestled in a picturesque setting of lovely gardens right in the heart of Fendalton.

At Holly Lea, they believe in weaving care into the very fabric of everyday life, making it a place where residents truly feel at home.
The architecturally designed Care Centre provides a seamless blend of continuity and comfort. The Holly Lea team are committed to ensuring that all residents live life to the fullest, with holistic and personalised care available at every level, from hospital care to specialised memory support and respite.
“Our residents have a high level of choice and control over the way their care is planned,” says General Manager Juliane Brand.
“As the resident’s needs change over time, we tailor the care accordingly.”
Life at Holly Lea is not just about care, it’s also about vibrant social connections and enriching experiences. The extensive social calendar is carefully curated to cater to diverse lifestyles, offering a variety of activities to suit everyone’s preferences. Whether you’re looking to unwind with a good book in one of the private lounges or join in a lively game of bridge, there’s something for everyone. The Tai Chi and gym classes keep residents active and healthy, while the boutique cinema screenings and exciting organised outings add an element of social engagement and community.
Holly Lea takes immense pride in being an active supporter of music and arts in the Christchurch community. Music holds a special place in the village, with regular performances and concerts that resonate with the residents. The team believe in nurturing creativity and talent, which is why residents at Holly Lea often get the chance to showcase their artistic endeavours through private exhibitions.
At Holly Lea, it’s not just about providing exceptional care – it’s about creating an engaging and intimate environment where residents can embrace life to the fullest.

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