What not to let pets eat

With friends and family gatherings on the rise during summer, food is often unthinkingly left within easy reach of cats and dogs, and not always to their benefit.

Now is an ideal time to brush up on what foods it is imperative to keep out of the reach of beloved pets.
Aside from the hygiene factor, many everyday foods palatable to humans will cause major health problems, and even kill, some pets.

The list is long, especially for dogs which often hoover up any food they find. You can find some of the toxic foods listed on pets.webmd.com, but some timely advice to visitors may also help.

Give yours pets their own special food to keep them occupied, and request that guests do not feed the animals. Here are some of the food especially toxic to many pets:
The sweetener xylitol found in candy, gum toothpaste, baked goods and many diet foods.
Avocados (fruit & trees) which contain percin, a substance that causes vomiting and diarrhoea in some species of animals.
Alcohol is a no-go for animals so if a drink is spilt make sure to not let them lap it up.
Onions & Garlic are known to kill red blood cells, causing anaemia in some animals.
Chocolate is an absolute ‘no’ for animals so don’t leave it lying around and beware of low-hanging Christmas tree chocolate ornaments.
Grapes in any colour or stage may cause kidney failure in cats, dogs and other animals too. Keep those party platters out of reach, and remember the same goes for dried grapes such as raisins and sultanas.
Yeast dough will expand in the relatively small stomachs of pets and may cause them great pain.



Make sure this merry season to be aware of Christmas lilies in the home as they are toxic to some pets.

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