What business wants: Leeann Watson

We see in the news every day how different policies affect households.

Leeann Watson, chief executive of Canterbury Employers’ chamber of commerce

What often falls by the wayside is how Government policies affect business, which of course keep most New Zealanders’ households employed, drive our economy, and pay for our infrastructure, health, and education.
Leading up to the general election, amid ever-present election campaigning, we’ve asked businesses what they would like the next Government to prioritise, whoever that Government might be.

We asked businesses what they wanted, and needed, to affect positive change. They were more than forthcoming with significant, tangible actions that would benefit the country and our local communities. For those looking to form the next Government, my advice would be to listen.

Businesses want to see a government that can plan well into the future, and make decisions shaping the business landscape, and therefore our communities, for years and decades to come, rather than the knee-jerk short-term thinking tied in with the three-year election cycle.

Canterbury businesses are innovative, continually adopting new technologies, and investing in their people. As a region, we’re the perfect trial ground for new ideas and pilot programmes.

We want Government to partner with us on more new initiatives, leveraging opportunities our city and region have to offer, including the relative ease of doing business, our affordability, new and emerging sectors, and also our hi-tech, innovative culture.

Supporting and enabling businesses should be at the forefront of priorities for the new Government, to set us all up for a brighter more economically stable and certain future.

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