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Some of us are active relaxers, while for others a comfortable chair and a book is their idea of heaven. Wherever you fit on the activity spectrum, you want a base, somewhere to drop anchor, somewhere to watch the sun go down.

If you have sadly accepted that a holiday home of your own is out of reach, there is another option. Loburn Sawmill has designed and built a range of stunning cabins. They are so versatile they can be a guest room, a self-contained flat, a workshop, a studio, an office, or any type of shed you could possibly need, wherever you need it to be.

To meet demand, the team has designed two larger sized cabins. Now added to the original range are the 4.2m x 2.6m, and the 5.8m x 2.6m cabins. One of the largest cabins went recently to the Catlins. “It had room for a queen bed, coffee station, bar fridge, cavity slider and toilet and shower. Outside there is the covered deck,” says marketing manager Jess Aldridge.

A look at the team’s website shows just how adaptable the cabins are. One or more cabins can be sited together. Arrange them with decking to connect the cabins, and you have an almost instant, very attractive, and cost-effective bach set up

“We make decking options too. In small, medium, and large, they add to the versatility of the cabin range. You can link them up in configurations that suit you or your site,” says Jess. Sustainably sourced New Zealand larch cladding wraps each cabin, making it a sleek addition to an urban setting, or a perfect blend with a countryside or bush setting. “The cabins are really strong, and also really portable,” says Jess.

The highly regarded and preferred Douglas Fir timber is used in framing the cabins. Ship-lap weatherboards are joined by black Colour Steel 5 rib roof iron and double-glazed black aluminium joinery in the window and sliding door. Wool insulation in the walls and ceiling assists with energy efficiency, and the floor is self-insulated 45mm T&G.

The interior walls are clad in solid timber T.G&V wall panelling and fitted with two double power points and two internal LED lights. Outside, you will find two external LED lights and a caravan plug. “We are so proud of what we have created with our cabins,” says Jess. “They’re made with quality materials with a low carbon footprint, and are packed with character and good looks too.”



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